Have you ever stopped to consider the history and craftsmanship that goes into art furniture? It has been used for centuries as an expression of taste and a way to bring beauty into everyday life. In this comprehensive fact sheet we explore the fascinating journey from classical antiquity to modern-day creations, uncover valuable tips and tricks for keeping your furniture in top-notch condition, and discover surprising facts about art furniture that could change the way you think about it. So, if you’re ready, let’s explore the past and present of art furniture!


We know finding facts and figures about Art Furniture can be time-consuming and frustrating, so we put together this list of the top 101 facts, notes, and statistics so you can easily reference them and refer back to them any time in the future.  This space is constantly changing, so if you see a fact that is not up-to-date, feel free to let us know. And if you know a stat that we should add, let us know that too!

1. Art Furniture Will Live Up To Its Name - Stylish And Sustainable.

According to Karen Rohr of Mackenzie Collier Interiors, green living will continue to be a trend among both consumers and designers in 2023. One of the largest trends, according to her, is a shift toward environmentally friendly, sustainable materials.


  • Natural wood finishes are becoming more and more popular as consumers look for products with little to no impact on the environment.
  • According to Rohr, there will also be a focus on "simpler, more refined designs." Clean lines and subdued hues are growing in popularity as people want to make their homes feel more serene.

2. Enjoy A Relaxing Seating Experience.

Aleem Kassam of Kalu Interiors predicts that comfort remains a key factor when selecting furniture for any living room or space in 2023. Nowadays, people are spending more and more time indoors. This is a pattern that almost certainly won't be reversed in the near future. The customers want something plush enough to be comfortable throughout the day as well as fashionable - "something they can sink into from day to night," according to Kassam.

3. Timeless Treasures.

If you are passionate about scouring for secondhand furniture, then your dreams are about to come true. Vintage-inspired pieces will be the newest trend in no time. The mid-century modern design craze has brought forth a revival of vintage-inspired decor. Finding pieces that are budget friendly is easy - simply head over to flea markets, and local antique stores, or even check Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for some amazing deals.

4. Large-Scale Works.

Aleem points out that homes are still growing in size, and this trend will persist into 2023. There is a larger emphasis on pieces that have multiple functions and can accommodate more people for entertaining purposes as we start to gather again in our homes. In the coming year, it's all about making your home an inviting space to entertain guests.

5. The Curve Is Everything.

Curves will remain in the spotlight during 2023. When combining contemporary pieces with curved silhouettes, results in a captivating and dynamic contrast.

6. Vibrant, Artistic Furnishings.

In 2023, people will become more daring in their design choices. As Rohr noted, "Clients are not shying away from vibrant colors when creating interior designs and are looking for ways to add a bold statement." Get ready to see some standout interiors in the coming years!


  • Experimenting with color, patterns, and distinctive, eye-catching pieces that become the center of a room will be trendy.
  • If you have had your heart set on a bold, creative piece for a while now, 2023 is the year to finally make it yours!
  • Without a doubt, patterns will be one of the biggest trends to watch this season. From stripes and hand-blocked prints to vintage-inspired motifs – incorporating patterns into upholstery can add visual interest and depth to any room.

7. Distinctive Reed Accents.

Furniture with reeded accents will be the go-to trend in interior design for the coming year. Reading can appear as a decorative element on wall panels, crown molding, and cabinet drawers or door faces to create an eye-catching aesthetic that is sure to make any space stand out.

8. Expertly Crafted And Long Lasting.

This 2023, furniture trends are taking a turn toward finely-crafted design and skilled handiwork. Makers and buyers alike have embraced the idea of having unique pieces that will stand the test of time.


  • The result of this unique approach is beautiful, timeless creations that will never go out of style. Additionally, the industry's contribution to the environment is reduced due to its decrease in material waste.
  • An impressive selection of workshop partners, all experts in handcrafted wooden furniture-making, supply pieces that are works of art and functional enough for daily use. These stunning creations will be treasured for generations to come.

9. Stunning, Authentic Wood Finishes.

Natural wood finishes provide both an environmentally responsible look as well as feelings of security and homeliness. Embrace these trends for a modern makeover like never before.

10. Make Your Mark With Stylish Patterns.

Why not add some patterned fabric and texture pops to your furniture items in the spirit of making daring fashion statements this year? While 2023 will certainly be a time to shine with more brilliant colors and patterned textiles that really spark those conversations, 2023 was all about soft and simple color palettes and clean, muted patterns last year.

11. Statement Stone.

Beautiful and opulent natural stones like marble and granite will always be classic choices for interior design, but in 2023 expect to see these long-lasting materials used more frequently throughout the house, not only in the kitchen and bathroom. Expect a focus on fresh color schemes and tones in 2023, such as reds, burgundies, and jewel tones like deep greens and blues.


  • Statement stone is anticipated to be a significant forthcoming trend in the interior design industry. Stoneware, which includes travertine, marble, and onyx, provides brightness and a sense of richness to commonplace interior furnishings.
  • Bold pieces in the kitchen and bathroom, coffee tables and cabinets, as well as smaller decorative items like trays, candlesticks, lamp bases, bowls, and bookends, will all feature this classic material.

12. Silver, Chrome, And Steel.

Say goodbye to the classic brass, bronze, and rose gold tones - industrial design has stepped up its game! Silver, chrome, and steel are making their way into homes everywhere as a modern take on timeless interior trends.

13. Natural Materials, Like Wood, And Calming Color Palettes Of Green, Brown, And Creams Will Dominate The Home Design Scene In 2023.

The shades of this hue create a calming and peaceful atmosphere, perfect for unwinding. Natural variations of this soothing color are ideal for sofas to give an uplifting vibe in your home.

14. Painted Furniture Has Long Been A Staple In Interior Design And Is Expected To Remain In The Spotlight For Years To Come, Due To Its Adaptability And Ample Opportunities For Personalization.

Paint is one of the most alluring and varied cabinetry finishes, and it blends well with both the more modern linear designs and the traditional home's classic style. 


  • You have the opportunity to express yourself whether your home is classic or modern, rural or urban, thanks to the virtually unlimited range of colors that are available.


  • The look and feel of your home can be substantially changed without having to make expensive modifications by investing in a fresh coat of paint for your living area.

15. The 1970s Throwback Fashion.

With 70s style taking the interior and fashion worlds by storm in 2022, it looks like nostalgia is here to stay! From retro lines of clothing to vintage vibes for your home decor – 2023 has plenty more classic style coming our way.

16. Biophilic Design.

In a world where synthetics and virtual reality are taking over, the resurgence of natural materials is more than just about crafting - it's about connecting with our environment on an emotional level. From wood to wool, stone to ceramics, these elements can bring us back down to earth - helping create calming living spaces.

17. Meticulously Crafted Creations.

In keeping with other furniture trends, such as the use of sustainable materials and second-hand purchases, many of us will give each piece of furniture in our homes considerable consideration in 2023, creating a more "collected" and unique aesthetic.

18. Bright, Vibrant Colors.

If you wish to set yourself apart in a competitive marketplace, bright colors are an excellent way of doing so. Popular hues such as yellow, orange and red can make your living space or bathrooms look stunning. Additionally, yellow is the perfect choice for children's rooms: it creates a fun-filled atmosphere that radiates energy and brightness.

19. Furniture With A Creative Touch.

A new style that draws inspiration from the work of well-known artists is art-inspired furniture. Not only is this furniture functional, but it also gives your house some personality. It also serves as a means to pay tribute to the artists who invented this technique and impacted earlier generations of painters.

20. Vinyl Has Returned.

A well-deserved vinyl revival is currently underway. Vinyl comes in a plethora of colors and finishes, is durable, and is simple to clean. From the 1960s to the 1980s, when vinyl was at its peak, everything from couches to worktops to baby cribs were made of it. Vinyl, however, lost favor when newer materials like leather and microfiber emerged.


  • But, with the newfound discovery of waterproof technology, spills and stains are a thing of the past. Now, you can enjoy your favorite furniture without any fear or worry.
  • Because of how resilient it is and how easy it is to maintain by wiping off with some soap, vinyl is one of the most environmentally friendly materials now on the market.

21. Reflective Furniture.

Mirrored furniture is once again a popular trend in the world of home decor. Not only does it add an air of luxury to any living space, but also provides a practical solution for those seeking to make their interior appear more spacious.


  • The reflective properties of mirrored furnishings allow them to contribute additional light and luminosity into even the darkest rooms!
  • Not only can mirrors create an optical illusion that amplifies small spaces, they also reflect light to give the sensation of a larger area than what is actually present. This clever trick serves to further stretch out tight areas and make them appear bigger.

22. Fluted Design.

Embrace the power of rhythm and repetition throughout your home with fluted detailing. Fluting consists of distinct vertical columns, adding a unique texture to wooden furniture, cabinetry, and pillows alike. Consider it an easy way to bring movement into any room - transforming its static energy into something truly special!


  • To make a small space appear bigger, Jenna Choate, co-founder of Interior Fox recommends vertical paneling as it "draws the eye upwards" - providing an optical illusion that makes walls look taller.
  • To add an elegant fluted texture to your home, start in the room where you spend the most time—perhaps at your dressing table. Rearrange or incorporate new items from there and work around the space for a truly remarkable transformation.

23. The Furniture Market Has Rapidly Grown To An Estimated Usd 648.12 Billion In 2021.

24. The Furniture Market Is Projected To Surge Even Further At A Cagr Of 5.7% From 2022 - 2030.

The remarkable expansion of the furniture industry is propelled by a combination of factors, including rising disposable incomes, growth in hospitality and housing sectors, advancements in the commercial construction sector, and escalating need for luxury furnishings worldwide.

25. The Market Is Currently Dominated By A Few Influential Players, With New Entrants Entering The Competition.

Major players in the furniture industry are intensifying their efforts to capitalize on emerging trends. To remain competitive, these companies are diversifying and expanding their services.


  • In March 2020, La-Z-Boy Incorporated declared the purchase of a business that operates six independently owned La-Z Boy Furniture Galleries stores with an estimated annual retail volume worth USD 30 million as well as one warehouse in Seattle, Washington.
  • In December 2021, Empire Office, Inc. made a groundbreaking decision to purchase DeKalb Office Environments, Inc., granting the company access points in Atlanta and Birmingham. This acquisition has set an exciting new precedent for the future of Empire Office's business strategy.

26. Wood Products Contributed 40% Of The Revenue In 2021, Making Them A Major Industry Player.

Since wood is one of the naturally occurring raw materials and is used in the creation of practically all sorts of furniture products worldwide, it is projected that this expansion will quicken.


  • Processing raw timber is the main method used to create wooden furniture. 
  • Three primary categories of wooden panels exist: plywood, fiberboard and particleboard.

27. Analysts Project That The Plastic Segment Will Experience A Rapid Growth Rate Of 6.8% Annually Over The Course Of This Forecast Period.

The market for designer furniture is escalating exponentially with the increasing demand for cost-effective products around the world. Additionally, the need to utilize high-performance plastic material has been on a rise and will continue to contribute significantly towards fueling industry growth in coming years. To that end, manufacturers are introducing creative and stylish plastic furniture which will catapult lucrative expansion of this sector throughout the forecast period.

28. With A Revenue Share Of Almost 35% In 2021, Asia Pacific Led All Other Regions.

This growth can be attributed to the increasing disposable income of the upper and middle-class population.The increasing demand for living room, bedroom, kitchen, and dining furniture is projected to accelerate market growth. 


  • The growth is driven by the booming real estate industry coupled with government-initiated housing projects.
  • Rapid urbanization along with the growth of the IT industry in this region is expected to propel industry growth over the forecast period.

29. The Second-Fastest Cagr, 6.1%, Is Anticipated For The Middle East And Africa Region Between 2022 And 2030.

Countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia are leveraging ambitious investments in infrastructure to attract intercontinental travelers and generate economic growth. Dubai's government has been making substantial investments in modern infrastructure to bring a plethora of visitors, which is expected to be a major contributor to the region's economic expansion.

30. Green Continues To Rule The Palettes.

For the past few years, green has been a dominating hue in interior design trends. According to 1stDibs’s experts, this trend is sure to continue into 2023 and beyond.


  • For the third year in a row, emerald has been selected as the favorite color by survey participants with 23%, followed closely by sage (22%), orange (20%), yellow (20%) and blue (18%). 
  • According to Barzilay Freund, “when a trend demonstrates such great staying power, it no longer counts as transient but evolves into an enduring classic".

31. Home Furnishings Constitute A Niche Portion Of The E-Retail Economy At 17.1% And Is Anticipated To Slightly Drop To 15.7% In 2025.

The industry nationally has seen steady growth with projections predicting it will hit $87 billion by 2025.

32. The Worldwide Furniture Ecommerce Market Is Growing Exponentially, With Its Size Ballooning From Approximately $29 Billion In 2022 To An Anticipated $41 Billion By 2030––A 41% Increase.

33. As The Digital Age Continues To Expand, Online Shopping For Furniture Will Remain An Indispensable Part Of Our Lives.

Because they have no choice but to stay at home, buyers bought furniture for home offices and other living areas online. Now the substantial task is to determine if these adjustments will persist past the COVID-19 pandemic.

34. The Global Epidemic Affected Consumer Behavior And Buying Patterns.

35. The Era Of Open Concept Living Has Come To An End.

The open approach has been extremely popular for years, but consumers now desire more privacy. People's use of their homes has altered significantly as a result of the pandemic, and there is now a strong need for greater solitude and quiet time. Despite the fact that open-plan living offers plenty of room, many family members use the common area at once for several distinct purposes. Even more purposeful rooms that are planned for particular purposes in each home are anticipated in 2023.

36. Fast Furniture Is Getting Extinct.

Fast furniture doesn't endure and generates excessive waste, which has a detrimental influence on the environment even though it's a great way to save money. People are leaning away from inexpensive furniture in favor of vintage or secondhand items since sustainability has become a priority for many.

37. Stylish Workplace.

The workplace has changed, whether it is at home or in an office. But it's only recently that these rooms have seen incredibly unique designs. The workplace could have features that make working more comfortable. The workplace receives a cheerful makeover to boost usage and worker productivity, including changes to the furniture design, office layout, and indoor grass. And if you work from home, this entails furnishing the space to meet your specific requirements.

38. Infused With Nature's Beauty.

As green design becomes more prevalent, interiors are transitioning away from manufactured shades to subtler and more inviting hues. Consequently, indoor spaces effortlessly unite with their external settings. Interior trends of 2023 and beyond will likely exhibit many examples of outdoor-indoor hybrids in order to create a unified atmosphere.

39. Online Sales Of Appliances And Furniture Are Currently Worth $415 Billion Worldwide. The Forecasted Value Is $455.4 Billion By 2025.

40. The Percentage Of Online Home Furnishing Purchases Has Been Steadily Growing, And It's Predicted To Reach 30% By 2023.

41. Home Furnishings Remain An Enduring Demand In The United States For Three Key Reasons:

  • bigger apartments and houses
  • modernized infrastructure for shipping
  • An amplified necessity for homes and expansive abodes is rapidly escalating.

42. Upgrades To Home Offices, Including Desks, Seats, Storage, And Professional Design, Will Continue To Take The Lead In Efforts To Facilitate Remote Working.

This results in a greater desire for commodities to furnish rooms with multiple uses and separate personal and professional life.

43. Home Furnishings Companies Have Seen A 200% Surge In Growth As Remote Work Continues To Rule Several Industries.

44. The Largest Furniture Market Worldwide Is In The United States, But Two Of The Top Six Largest Markets Are Located In The Asia-Pacific Area, Which Is Expanding In Size And Significance.

45. Healthy Living At Home.

Get ready to witness the stylish emergence of wellness rooms in 2023—as they slowly replace traditional home gyms. Clients are now asking for more well-thought-out spaces that focus on their well-being. Sherrell Neal, founder, and principal designer at Sherrell Design Studio explains this shift away from hiding a Peloton in an office corner towards creating peaceful havens dedicated solely to personal health.

46. Interiors With An Architectural Influence.

In 2023, architecture will transition from the outside to our homes. Eddie Maestri of Maestri Studio explains that in addition to art deco-influenced designs and motifs, we shall also observe nods to more definitive styles such as Brutalism and Bauhaus - both are striking, vivid aesthetics with an unmistakable presence.

47. Neoclassicism.

For those seeking a look of lavishness without any ostentatious show, neoclassicism is the perfect way to go. With its emphasis on ornate lines and symmetry, this style has made a grand re-emergence after the mid-century modern's period in the spotlight. It easily pairs with other eras and aesthetics as it exudes sophistication and class - says renowned interior designer Timothy Corrigan. There may be a craving for formality and luxury following the pandemic with all of its frugality, according to Robert D. Robert McKinley's McKinley, Studio.

48. Statement Glass.

In 2023, we are captivated by the skilled artisans who manipulate natural elements such as glass, ceramics and wood with their own hands to construct exquisite designs. - Robin Standefer.

49. Brutalism.

In 2023, concrete floors will become one of the most sought-after design choices. There's a wide range of ways to live with this material, from raw to polished; I'm particularly drawn towards micro topping – a technique that has recently caught my eye.

50. Moody Vibes.

Design will dramatically shift in 2023 in favor of strong, ominous accents. Dark hues don't simply make small spaces feel claustrophobic; when utilized in the right proportion with the right lighting, they create a warm, rich ambiance that light shades can't create on their own.F or a room that exudes luxury, try grasscloth wallpaper with dark textured linens and paint the trim in a coordinating hue. This combination will lend your powder room an undeniably opulent feel! -Erika Jayne Design + Build, and associate designer Jayme Ritchie.

51. Bars At home.

As the world begins to open up, entertaining friends and family at home has become increasingly popular. Adding a unique twist? A personalized home bar! Whether it is something as simple as setting up an organized cabinet or shelf; or if you have the space, creating a freestanding bar complete with stools - Mia Jung, Director of Interiors at Ike Kligerman Barkley in New York City, suggests this idea for enhancing your entertainment experience.

52. Ecology Is A Top Priority.

Give your bedroom a fashionable update and keep it eco-friendly with sustainable materials! Go for wood, glass or stone to set the stylish tone. For comfort you can't beat natural fabrics like linen, organic cotton – even recycled fibers make great furnishings that are good for the environment too. Get ready to lounge in style - sustainability is one trend worth investing in.

53. Innovative New Mixed Materials.

Don't be afraid to get creative! Incorporating different materials, like metal, glass and stone can help you make a stylish statement in your home. Your furniture designs won’t just stand out – they'll impress! But don’t forget: achieving the perfect balance is key.

54. Abundant Sophisticated Storage.

The modern preference for an orderly lifestyle has made sleek storage solutions a must. To ensure that you remain both practical and stylish, it's essential to find something with ample space as well as aesthetic appeal.


  • Expect more furniture pieces and decorations to come integrated with built-in storage options such as drawers in your coffee table, wall cabinets, or even chic sideboards.
  • Get rid of the mess and let your dream living room become a reality.

55. Inviting Layouts.

It's time to bid farewell to dull seating plans, and say hello to layouts that encourage meaningful conversations! The year 2023 will bring forth a variety of options. Not only do these new models offer the option for solitary sitting, but they also make being close with others feel as comfortable as chatting in your own living space.

56. Say Goodbye To Boring, Generic Living Rooms.

In 2023, we will draw our design inspiration from the most versatile place - home. Our living spaces should reflect that which brings us joy and energy - gaming tables, walls for climbing or even a tiny disco bar. Let's ensure that the lessons learned from this pandemic shape how we inhabit every space of our homes for years to come.

57. Make Sure To Pick Trends That Blend Seamlessly With Your Current Home Décor.

When it comes to interior design, the latest trends should always be carefully considered - but don't forget to stay true to your own personal style. Think of the trends as a guide and use them to enhance your home decor in thoughtful ways that reflect who you are.

58. Get Creative With Color.

Start small by adding punchy pops of hues to your home, such as through candles and pillows - then take it up a notch by painting one wall for an eye-catching flair.

59. 2023 Is All About Eco-Friendly Vibes For The Living Room.

Get your living room ready for the future with 2023's hottest trend - go green. Invest in eco-friendly building materials that won't just look stylish, but also help reduce your environmental impact. Now you can have a beautiful home and still be kind to mother nature.

60. Unique, Customized Home Décor.

Let go of the boring and predictable décor in your living area by 2023. But if you can't part with some of your beloved pieces, they are more than welcome to stay!


  • Begin by organizing areas like shelves, mantels or walls - it's all about being bold and expressing yourself through statement pieces that show off who you are.
  • Make sure to practice balance when choosing size, scale, and number of decorative elements for a well-rounded look.

61. Furniture With A Statement.

One of our favorite living room trends for 2023 sees personalization take off. Bolder, more interesting patterns and shapes will produce unique and private lounges. It also places a focus on displaying your own style. A focal point in a room can be made with the aid of statement pieces. Because of this, think about how the piece will blend in with the rest of your furniture.

62. Out With The Old And In With Something New.

This year, furnishings and accents are moving away from rigid angles to embrace curves of all kinds. Organic shapes like circles, ovals, and other rounded forms have become popular choices.

63. For A Cozy, Inviting Atmosphere In Our Home In 2023, Natural Materials Such As Wood, Rattan And Wicker Work Will Make All The Difference.

64. Get Ready For The Return Of The Roaring Twenties With Art Deco Style.

Patterns, gold accents, marble finishes, and velvet and satin fabrics are hot this year.

  • With the Art Deco trend, things can be a little more pompous and opulent. Golden accents, velvet cushion coverings or seating furniture, and table tops with a marble appearance are just a few examples. 
  • Combine luxurious velvet furnishings with gold accents. Utilize unique pairings to your advantage. 
    For Art Deco glam, wallpaper in deep hues or with geographic patterns works perfectly.

65. Make Way For A New Wave Of Shades In 2023, With Pastel Tones As Well As Blue And Green Leading The Pack!

66. In 2023, Sofas Are Becoming The Embodiment Of Multifunctionality.

With a wide range of colors and designs available to fit any home or lifestyle, these pieces take comfort up another level by providing endless possibilities for use. Whether you're looking for an extra bed when guests stay overnight or want a comfortable place to relax and watch movies on rainy days – this year's sofa trends provide something special.

67. Decor For Peaceful Living.

2023 is all about creating a haven of serenity in the home. Sleek and low-maintenance vibes will be vital to providing an oasis for rest, relaxation, and de-stressing; think neutral color palettes with rustic touches. January will become the month when everyone focuses on self-care by giving their homes a refresh that emphasizes well-being above all else.

68. The Worldwide Interior Design Industry Gives You The Opportunity To Express Yourself Artistically, Transforming Spaces Into Your Very Own Masterpiece.

Interior designing is more than just making a room look nice. It's about creating an environment that reflects your unique personality and style, all while meeting practical needs.

69. Art Furniture Creates A Unique Balance Of Visual Depth And Tactile Comfort, Giving Any Room An Artistic Flair. 

Visual and tactile appeal will be a fundamental design consideration come 2023, as people increasingly seek out pieces that tantalize multiple senses. Layering is the perfect way to achieve this stimulating combination of sight and touch. Create a unique and captivating room design by adding various textures and materials for an eye-catching visual effect. Fabrics such as grasscloth, wool, velvet, mohair are perfect for imparting your space with warmth - both in appearance and touch. Bur wood is also ideal to use when working towards this goal.

70. Art Furniture Is Here To Make Our Lives Easier.

Smart technology gives us a chance to step away from the hustle-bustle and embrace slow living. Picture an oasis of tranquility – cocooned in your cottage, surrounded by lush greenery - all made possible with smart blinds! Let go of those worries as you introduce yourself -and your home -to this more sustainable way of life.

71. Art Furniture Is About More Than Just Stylish Pieces; It's An Invitation To Bring Unique And Personal Touches Into Your Home. 

The emergence of minimalism sparked a desire to remove every trace of the room's personality in favor of a fresh, unadorned canvas. People will once again begin to appreciate the original qualities of their homes in 2023. This could be anything from old hardwood flooring being refinished to exposed brick walls. A fantastic sustainable alternative that artistically plays up the tendency toward nostalgia is to embrace the original features of your space.

72. Despite Being A Minor Player In E-Retail, Home Furnishings Have Been Steadily Increasing On A National Level.

According to forecasts, the sector will grow to an impressive $87 billion by 2025, from a projected 17.1% of sales in 2022 to 15.7% by that time. Despite a slower start, domestic ecommerce is picking up steam and devising an optimistic future. It's still setting the bar higher in terms of innovation and convenience.

73. Competitive Fragmentation And Low Saturation Are Two More Positive Aspects.

At the enterprise level, 11 brands dominate 55% of the retail industry. In comparison to that remarkable figure, only two companies hold 40% control in the pet business. Because of the fragmentation of the home goods market, there is a great possibility for disruption due to the lack of brand loyalty.

74. The Focus Of Furniture By 2023 Will Be On Comfort And Luxury, The Ideal Pairing To Make Any Home Seem Like A Five-Star Retreat.

No more will luxury home items be exclusive to the wealthy. The aesthetics, comfort, and expense of luxurious house furnishings is shifting dramatically.


  • Until recently, the go-to choice for larger furniture items such as beds and dressers was often expensive materials. Rooms were designed to look aesthetically pleasing rather than be comfortable.
  • These trends have drastically changed in favor of larger eco-friendly objects, comfy environments that look and feel opulent, and smaller statement pieces.

75. Personalization For Furniture E-Commerce Brands.

Customer expectations in terms of marketing personalization have grown significantly. Personalization is not just about throwing a name into your emails and hoping for the best. It's tapping into what customers need when they need it, showing that you are familiar with their wants and needs, being prepared to answer any questions - all this builds relationships over time. A staggering 91% of consumers say they are more likely to patronize firms that provide offers and recommendations that are pertinent to them, according to Accenture.

76. Art And Furniture Are Taking Ecommerce To The Next Level. 

Making the right furniture selection is a critical decision for any shopper—they are investing in an item that they will utilize and enjoy for years to come.


  • Augmented Reality (AR) provides a great ally in this process, allowing buyers to "test out" their product before purchasing it and ultimately minimizing any potential dissatisfaction which could lead to fewer returns. Shopping for furniture has never been easier! IKEA's Place app is taking home decor to the next level with its AR technology - it can quickly measure and display a room, then give shoppers an accurate view of how different pieces will fit in their spaces.


  • With a strong 73% satisfaction rate from users, and the ability to boost conversions by 40%, it's clear that Augmented Reality is here for good. Embrace this trend and take advantage of its possibilities today.

77.  By Embracing Social Commerce, Art Furniture Retailers Are Revolutionizing Their Businesses In 2023.

Social commerce is already having a significant impact on how people connect with businesses, learn about new items, and share them with their friends.


  • 40% of business owners use social media to create sales, and 60% of consumers learn about new products from Instagram.
  • Bridging the gap between discovery and purchase will advance social commerce. Picture a customer browsing through Instagram and seeing the perfect desk. With just one click, they can complete their purchase instantly without leaving the platform or having to recall any details or visit another website.
  • With a staggering 30% of consumers expressing they would willingly purchase directly on social media channels, it's evident that an integrated system of social commerce is soon to be the norm.

78. Much Of The Beauty Of Art Deco Furniture Emanates From The Wood Itself.

Many pieces feature veneers of burled wood grain or crotch walnut grain detail. These veneer types offer a more organic array of lines and shapes then the traditional hard parallel lines found in most wood grains. These ethereal shapes play against the hard angles and basic shapes that comprise the overall piece. Combined with the movement’s penchant for applying veneers symmetrically, the result is a mesmerizing Rorshach-like set of abstract reflections that one can get lost in (should it be one’s druthers).

79. Art Furniture Will Be A Must-Have For Creating The Perfect Home Retreat.

Escaping reality can be as simple as a few upgrades to your home. Transform any room into an oasis by swapping out curtains for something more dramatic, adding dreamy travel accents like statement-making light fixtures and flower filled ceilings reminiscent of European gardens. Whether you’re looking to spice up your living space or unwind in luxury, these pieces are sure to bring style and comfort into any room.

80. Art Furniture Will Boldly Make A Statement With Stunning Marble Designs.

Get ready for fashionable homes and stylish interiors that are sure to turn heads. Marble might never go out of style, but in 2023 it'll get a dramatic upgrade. Marble is experimenting with creative color splashes rather than the traditional black or white. You probably won't ever want to go back once you transform your bathroom, kitchen countertops, and bench tops into a dramatic marble beauty.

81. Art Furniture Will Take The Spotlight With Its Ability To Transform Any Room Into A Multifunctional Space.

Work-from-home arrangements are getting more and more common in 2023. Designing multipurpose spaces is becoming more popular as people try to maximize their available space.


Design company Blaine Robert advises considering how rooms or furnishings might serve two purposes, such as kitchen islands that double as dining areas or side tables that serve as seats. Lean into fold-up beds that can be hidden, making space for other activities such as stretching or exercise.

82. Art Furniture Will Be Turning Heads With Its Sleek Modernist Curves.

Elevate your home decor with spectacular showpieces that will have everyone turning heads.


  • Modernist curves offer your home a welcoming touch and give your rooms a distinctive edge without becoming too garish. 
  • To develop a design that transcends the merely practical and enters the artistic and inspirational, take into account arches, curved sofas, and recessed shelves.

83. Art Furniture Is Making Huge Waves Due Its Upcycling Trend.

Imagine customizing a piece of decor from your own home or giving an old item new life with an artistic makeover.

  • Upcycling is a good method to bring sentimentality to your home while also being environmentally friendly and reasonably cost-effective.
  • Go to an antique store, buy something that has some potential, and start working on your fixer-upper project once you get home.
  • Create something you can be proud of for many years.

84. Art Furniture Will Be Transforming Homes With Meaningful Pieces That Show Off Your Personality. Get Ready To Make A Statement In Style.

Anything can be a meaningful object, including heirlooms, trinkets, souvenirs, and quirky or nostalgic items. The things we surround our houses with have the most ability to calm our fears. Make sure that whatever you choose to do, it embodies who you are and is unique to your house.

85. Art Furniture Is Taking Over With Its Bold And Daring Tile Designs! Get Ready To Make A Statement When You Bring These Pieces Into Your Home.

  • Brighten up your space with bold tiling. Show off some personality in the kitchen or bathroom by going for eye-catching patterns and colors.
  • Reimagine any room you choose this year with vibrant tiles, sure to give it an edge of sophistication as well as energy.
  • Get creative - don't be afraid to mix it up a bit.

86. Art Furniture Will Take On A Whole New Look As It's Made With Colored Concrete.

Get ready to see your favorite pieces of furniture transformed into bright and vibrant works of art.


  • In 2023, colored concrete is set to be the design trend of the year.
  • This durable material will last for years without dulling or showing chips easily.
  • You can find this material in bathrooms, kitchens, and floors - but don't forget that you can also color existing concrete.
  • With a massive range of colors available, it's worth considering if your home needs a splash of vibrancy and texture.

87. Art Furniture Will Take Over Interior Design With Its Stunning Ocean Hues In 2023.

Add a touch of mauve, navy, or aquamarine to your home, and watch it transform before your eyes.


  • This year, interiors will feature magnificent marine tones in addition to warm, natural hues. From light and dark blue to all the many shades of green, the sea is home to a wide range of colors.
  • Create a sanctuary for yourself by harnessing the calming influence of blues and greens. Let these colors soothe you and provide respite from life's daily chaos.
  • Oceanic colors work well as accent colors in living rooms and bedrooms as well as restrooms.

88. Art Furniture And Eye-Catching Rugs Will Be The Trend.

Jump-start your interior design with these trendy pieces that are ready to bring any room to life. If you want something truly unique, nothing compares to an irregularly shaped rug. This rising trend is ideal for a modern home and can make small rooms appear larger while providing interest and texture in its own right. Look for rugs of curved, angular, or geometric shapes - the more space they occupy, the better.

89. Art Furniture Will Be Taken To The Next Level With A Luxurious Golden Hue. Get Ready For Plush Seating And Gleaming Tables That Ooze Opulence.

This elegantly subtle golden hue is reminiscent of sand in the desert. If you desire a luxurious and glamorous atmosphere without going over the top with glimmering metallics, this color would be perfect for your space. Any room can benefit from the warm, neutral tones of this wallpaper, art, and furnishings. To improve your interiors, use soft gold with conventional neutrals or use this tone in place of neutrals.

90. Art Furniture With Bold Checkered Patterns Will Be Making A Statement In Homes And Offices.

Get creative when picking colors to add an original touch – this trend is sure to make your space stylishly stand out.


  • The classic checkered pattern is back in a big way, with rugs, tiles, and fabrics bringing the beloved design into homes across the world.
  • With their crisp, fitted design, they give any space a laid-back, informal vibe.
  • Use them in the same ways that you would stripes: adjacent to solids or even in combination with other textures and patterns.
  • The timeless pattern of checks is suitable for use in virtually any sort of design.

91. Art Furniture Has Significantly Revived Gothic Glamour.

Gothic Glamour is a striking and dramatic interior design trend that combines gothic architecture with opulent materials and eye-catching display pieces. This fashion frequently uses ominous, somber hues like black and plush materials like velvet.


  • Large, extravagant items of furniture in this style frequently feature four-poster beds, tufted sofas, and opulent chandeliers.
  • Gold accents are frequently utilized to offer a hint of glitz and richness.
  • Gothic Glamour is all about infusing the home with drama and luxury.

92. Art Furniture Is About To Reach Unprecedented Heights With The Introduction Of Sculptural Furniture.

This captivating form of furniture combines beauty and functionality for an unforgettable aesthetic experience in your home or office space. Sculptural Furniture is an exquisite collection of artful furniture pieces that offer both practicality and beauty.  Statement furniture that doubles as works of art is a feature of this daring and distinctive design aesthetic.


  • The curved lines frequently become the center of any area, transforming your house into a contemporary art exhibition.
  • Sculptural furniture is incredibly adaptable; it can take on abstract or geometric designs and be built from a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, or wood.
  • Making a bold statement, adding a dash of artistic flair, and infusing your house with drama and originality are all key components of this trend.

93. Art Furniture Will Be Making A Big Splash With Majestic Arches That Add An Elegant Touch To Any Home.

Majestic arches are becoming increasingly popular in furniture and interior design, with a forecasted surge of this trend in the year to come.  The usage of arch-shaped design components, which can be seen in furniture like headboards, mirrors, lamps, and more, is what defines this trend.

  • To grant an area a poetic, continuous sensation, arches can be included as part of the design of doorways and portals.
  • Incorporating arches into furniture and interior design is a fantastic way to bring classic grandeur and an alluring sense of architecture to your home. This timeless touch will lend a feeling of history while providing your space with unbeatable elegance that won't go out of style.

94. Art Furniture Is Making A Statement With Calming Shades Of Brown.

Bring a sense of calmness to any room with these cozy shades, ranging from classic chocolate and beige tones to other soft hues. With this approachable style, you can create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and comfort. Whether used as the main color palette or to provide depth and interest, brown shades have a profound effect on any interior design.


  • Incorporating leather sofas, fabric chairs, and wooden tables can bring out the warmth in a room while creating an atmosphere of relaxation.
  • Brown may also be combined with white, black, and gray for a much-needed balance that will surely captivate your guests.

95. Art Furniture Will Take A Futuristic Turn With Metallic Framing Adding An Extra Element Of Modernity.

Metallic Framing is an ever-growing trend in furniture and decor that will become even more popular this year.

  • With metal frames growing more popular, it's becoming easier to find the perfect look for any space.
  • From gold and silver finishes to brass and copper accents - these metallic-made pieces can create everything from a modern edge to a cozy traditional atmosphere so you're guaranteed something that suits your design aesthetic.

96. Art Furniture Is Revolutionizing The Furniture Game In 2023 With Its Ground-Hugging Designs. 

Embrace the contemporary interior design trend of ground-hugging furniture to create an enviable, minimalistic, and clutter-free living space. Sleek yet simple in its aesthetic, this modern furnishing concept is perfect for those seeking a more airy atmosphere within their home.


  • Make the most out of your small space with low-profile furniture.
  • This minimalist silhouette provides a sense of openness and fluidity that creates an illusion of grandeur in any room.  
  • As the trend of minimalism keeps gaining traction, it's no surprise that this design style is receiving global acclaim. After all, less truly can be more.

97. Art Furniture Will Be Changed Forever With Danish Pastels' Stunning Designs.

Not everyone will prefer earthy brown color schemes, despite the fact that they are clearly in style. Danish pastels may be more your style in that scenario.


  • Consider utilizing scalloped mirrors with fluting in a rainbow of pastel colors or sideboards with ceruse treatment and softly hued embellishments on top. This kind of furniture is serene, happy, and gentle.
  • To further capture the essence of this pastel-infused Danish trend, fluted and gently curved edges will be featured on video cabinets and console tables, while big, tufted chairs with soft cushioning are sure to become a staple.

98.  The World Of Art Furniture Will Be Transformed With Stunning Glass Tables And Lamps. Get Ready To Add A Totally New Level Of Sophistication To Any Room.

Glass accents give a room a feeling of classic, refined quality. Glass is a texture you'll find everywhere this year, from enormous dining tables and other furniture constructed primarily of it to tiny accents like lamps and side tables.


  • Glass furniture is adaptable and goes well with a range of finishes, which makes it highly popular. Glass furniture helps a room appear elegant and sophisticated.
  • Start with simple items, like a table lamp or nightstand, to experiment with the style. For a whimsical touch, think about colored glass—or a piece with metallic flair.

99. Art Furniture In 2023 Is Looking Like A Blast From The Past With Curvaceous Shapes And Cozy Fabrics.

Prepare to recline in delightful comfort on rattan chairs, boucle couches or a cozy sherpa armchair, surrounded by the warm and inviting textures of light wood and burled finishes.

100. Art Furniture Will Incorporate A Variety Of Distinctive Styles Like Coastal, Scandinavian, Modern European, And Belgian Farmhouses.

Despite the ongoing contemporary appeal of modern farmhouse design, fresh trends are continuing to emerge in this exciting industry. There are no indications that this refined rendition of the modern farmhouse design will slow down in the upcoming year.

101. Art Furniture Will Be Less About Chasing The Latest Trends And More About Self-Expression.

Get ready to be amazed by the captivating blend of design styles that will transform your interior space into something unique and special.

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