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Native Spirit Week | Artist Meet & Greet


Thursday, February 29th 2024 | 5p - 9p


Nocona Burgess, David Jonason & Alvin Gill Tapia

Amidst the Native Spirit Gold Palette ArtWalk, a captivating celebration unfolds as galleries and the vibrant Scottsdale Arts District come alive with immersive exhibitions and captivating entertainment, all dedicated to honoring and showcasing the richness of Native culture. This annual event transforms the artistic landscape, inviting visitors to explore a tapestry of creativity that weaves together tradition, contemporary expression, and the profound heritage of Indigenous communities.

Thursday Artwalk | Artist Meet & Greet


Thursday, April 11th 2024 | 5p - 9p


Fred Calleri, Carol Estes

& Matthew Grant (Opening Reception)

The Marshall Gallery invites you to a very special Artwalk on Thursday, April 11th, from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM, where we proudly present artists Fred Calleri & Carol Estes with an opening Reception for Matthew Grant.

Thursday Artwalk | Artist Meet & Greet


Thursday, May 2nd 2024 | 5p - 9p


Elena Golberg, Neil Myers

& Jessica Garrett

Join us, Thursday, May 2nd, from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM, where we showcase the breathtaking and diverse fine art creations of 3 remarkable artists: Elena Golberg, Neil Myers & Jessica Garrett. Their incredible work captivates with a unique blend of artistic expression and creativity.

Artists in the news

Indigenous Peoples Day feat. Nocona Burgess


Portrait of Doc Tate Nevaquaya Shines at the Oklahoma Capitol

Monday, October 9th was a day of vibrant celebration in Oklahoma as Indigenous Peoples Day took center stage. Not only did the state come alive with festivities, but it also witnessed a remarkable moment at the heart of its capital, Oklahoma City. Amid the festivities of the Oklahoma Arts Council Indigenous Peoples Day Tour, a captivating portrait by Nocona Burgess, featuring the legendary Doc Tate Nevaquaya, was unveiled at the majestic Oklahoma Capitol Building


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2023 Artist of Distinction Award: Krystii Melaine


Quest for the West at the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art

We are thrilled that our Marshall Gallery artist, Krystii Melaine, has been chosen for the 2023 Artist of Distinction Award at Quest for the West. This award is a retrospective exhibition at the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art in Indianapolis during Quest for the West next year. Krystii is the first woman artist to be award this incredible opportunity in the 18 year history of the exhibition!


Have the opportunity to meet Krystii at our upcoming 3rd Annual AWAE in October!


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The Native American Art Magazine: Nocona Burgess


February/March 2023 Issue

We are so excited for Marshall Gallery artist Nocona Burgess (Comanche) being featured in The Native American Art Magazine in the February/March 2023 Issue! The article showcases a new selection of artwork representing the American Indian cowboy and is currently on display at The Marshall Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ!


Stop by the gallery to discover more of Nocona's stunning and empowering artwork!


Click Here to read the article.


most recent Events

2.1.24 | Western Week Artist Meet & Greet


12.7.23 | Josh Hernandez, Joseph Maruska & Tyler Swain


10.14.23 | A Womens Art Expo | 3rd Annual


6.8.23 | Joseph Maruska & 

Neil Myers

6.8.23 | Alvin Gill-Tapia

Welcoming Reception

5.11.23 | Jon Wassom, Carol Estes, & Elena Golberg


4.13.23 | Robert Marchessault & Naomi Brown


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