What Are The Markers Of Good Contemporary Modern Art?

It’s been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and when it comes to art, this saying rings particularly true. While some people may prefer classical art styles from centuries ago, others appreciate more contemporary pieces created in modern times. So what exactly makes a piece of art “contemporary”? And more importantly, what makes it suitable? In this article, we’ll look at some of the critical markers of good contemporary modern art.

Skill Of The Artist

The skill of the artist is still very important in contemporary modern art. There are a few contemporary modern artists that don’t have any formal training and are self-taught, but they are still in the minority. Most contemporary modern artists have gone to art school and have honed their skills through years of practice.

What contemporary modern artists are doing with their art is pushing the boundaries of what is considered art. They are experimenting with new mediums, new techniques, and new concepts. This is what makes contemporary modern art so exciting. It’s always evolving and changing, and you never know what you’re going to see next.

It Should Challenge The Viewer

One of the markers of good contemporary modern art is that it challenges the viewer. This is important because contemporary art should be reflective of the world around us and the times we live in. It should make us think about things in new and different ways, and push us out of our comfort zones. Good contemporary art provokes thought and discussion and makes us question our assumptions and preconceptions.

It Evokes Emotion In The Viewers

Some contemporary modern art lovers may ask why it is important that good contemporary modern art evoke emotion in the viewers. While contemporary modern art covers a wide variety of genres and styles, one of the key elements that make a piece of contemporary modern art truly great is its ability to connect with viewers on an emotional level.

It makes them think about the world in new ways and see things from a different perspective. But the best contemporary modern art does more than just challenge its viewers – it also engages them emotionally.

Good contemporary modern art should make viewers feel something. It should touch them on a personal level and leave them feeling moved or inspired. The best contemporary modern artists are masters at creating artwork that is both thought-provoking and emotionally charged, and it is this combination that makes their work so powerful.

It Has The Ability To Tell A Story

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with images, it is more important than ever that contemporary artists are able to tell a story with their work. A good contemporary artist is someone who can take a complex issue and distill it down to its essence, communicating a clear message that speaks to the viewer on an emotional level.

Stories told through contemporary art can be about anything from personal experience to social commentary, but they must always be honest and authentic. In a time when we are increasingly disconnected from each other, contemporary art provides a much-needed space for human connection and understanding.

Originality and Uniqueness

There are a lot of contemporary modern artists out there who are creating some truly unique and original pieces of art. In a world where so much has been done and seen before, it can be refreshing to see something that is completely new and different. That’s why contemporary modern art that is original and unique is often seen as being more valuable than art that isn’t.


Innovation is an important marker of good contemporary modern art because it shows that the artist is constantly pushing boundaries and trying new things. This is what keeps contemporary art exciting and relevant. It’s always evolving, and you never know what you’re going to see next.

Commitment To Pushing Boundaries

In order for contemporary art to remain relevant, it must always be pushing boundaries. This means that contemporary artists must be constantly innovating and experimenting with new ideas and techniques. A commitment to pushing boundaries is, therefore, an important marker of good contemporary modern art.

Willingness To Take Risk

Another important marker of good contemporary modern art is a willingness to take risks. Contemporary artists must be willing to experiment with new and untested ideas in order to create truly innovative and unique artworks. This often means that contemporary artists are working at the forefront of their field, testing the limits of what is possible.

A Strong Sense Of Composition

Contemporary modern art places a strong emphasis on composition as one of its key markers. This is because a sense of composition can help to create a more unified and holistic image, which is often seen as being more aesthetically pleasing. In addition, a good sense of composition can also help to convey a certain message or feeling more effectively. As such, it is not surprising that many contemporary modern artists place considerable importance on creating images with a strong sense of composition.

If you’re looking to purchase some good contemporary modern art, it’s important to keep the markers of good art in mind. By knowing what to look for, you can be sure that you’re getting a piece that will challenge and engage you on an emotional level. At The Marshall Gallery, we pride ourselves on our commitment to innovation and pushing boundaries- if that’s the kind of art you’re after, give us a call today. We would be more than happy to help you find the perfect piece for your collection.

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