"For forty years, I have fought my way forward as a woman attorney, and as such, I have striven to bring a woman's kindlier, gentler perspective to the otherwise unyielding aspects of the law.


As a much-needed avocation, I founded an art gallery 24 years ago—a woman-owned gallery, indeed—that now thrives as one of the mainstays in the Scottsdale arts district in old town.


In resplendent Italy, the darkness of the Middle Ages reluctantly gave way to the beauties of the Renaissance—largely due to the discovery, or rediscovery, of perspective.


The Marshall Gallery is proud to present our third annual AWAE: A Women's Art Exposition this Fall. With it, we offer our own rediscovery of perspective—the kindlier, gentler, discerning Women's Perspective."


- DeeAn Gillespie Strub -

Founder, The Marshall Gallery, Scottsdale

Carol Estes

    Carol’s images reflect her inner buoyancy and progressive optimism. Her colors exude energy in a vast language of spectrums. Rather than dabble in abstract painting, her artistic expressions derive from her personality, her nature. Carol developed her style in the avant-garde, Deep Ellum bohemian music and arts district in Dallas, TX.

    Eventually moving to New Mexico, Carol, like many artists, was attracted to the unique light depending on the time of day the hues will shift from sienna to a golden desert light of sunsrise or fiery sunset.

Elena Golberg

    Elena Golberg was born in Siberia. A gifted child, she attended art school when young and was influenced by the strong Russian realistic traditions. Most of her classes were taught by talented, Soviet painters, who created a wonderful atmosphere in the learning process.

    In America, Elena developed a fascination with Native American culture and her portraits won recognition in Scottsdale. A few years ago, Elena explored Saguaro cacti and shifted her artistic focus.

    Exchanging the Siberian winter for the withering heat of Arizona, Elena likes to catch the early morning light as she fine tunes the muscularity of the Saguaro. She adroitly captures their statuesque expressions as they gesture toward the immense sky.

Shari Lyon

    Most people are not familiar with the word encaustic. It's an ancient process of painting with a hot melted mixture of beeswax and damar resin. I also incorporate the use of oil paints, pan pastels, photography, and some drawings into my work.
    The process requires both patience and spontaneity. It's a rare marriage of being in control and completely losing control in the process. It's labor intensive with many steps. But the outcome is a dreamy, ethereal image with texture and appeal unlike any other art form. You truly have to see encaustic works to really appreciate all they have to offer. Photos rarely do them justice.




Becky Pashia

    Becky strives to trigger memories with her atmospheric oil paintings. She “suggests” a subject and focuses on light and color to evoke feeling.  Her landscapes and abstracts are timeless and are collected nationwide. 

    She began with watercolors, loved the way the paint puddled and could be transparent or opaque, but wanted to paint larger pieces. In her twenties, she developed her own oil technique slipping and spreading paint across a surface with large spatulas and brushes, trying to keep the paint loose and raw. This technique is still the way she paints today. 

Leah Rei

    Nature is not just a sight to be seen.  Although all of my works are abstract representations of our natural surroundings, my main goal is to create scenes that can evoke a deep sense of calm and wonder. I want each piece to bring a light that envelopes the viewer and creates a landscape they can explore. Through the weaving of transparent layers, we can meander through these dreamscapes and find the intangible moments of when the shadows and light shift or when the sun warms your skin.  These moments are brief but substantial.

Jessica Garrett

    Spending most of my life in the southwest, I have always been drawn to painting the unparalleled light of western landscapes. Through my years of painting, I have learned how vital color is in recreating the feeling of light. As I experiment with other subjects, I still find color to be my ultimate inspiration. For an artist, color is a powerful means of expression—it is also a facet of academic painting that I feel is largely unexplored. I am greatly influenced by Emile Gruppe, Henry Henshe, and Joseph Albers. It is my goal to not only understand but continue to build on what these great artists have created and discovered.

    I aim for my work to showcase a fresh approach to color and an illusion of light that does justice to nature.



Harper Henry

    Harper Henry is an award-winning artist creating unique, abstract-realistic paintings focused mainly on horses, animals and the American West. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Illustration, she had a successful 30 year career as a Designer and Art Director. In 2016, she made the decision to pursue painting full-time. Her work resides in galleries and private collections throughout the country, Canada, and Australia. Harper currently lives in Arizona and works out of her studio in the heart of the Sonoran Desert.

Krystii Melaine

    Australian born Krystii Melaine has been painting American subjects for 23 years. After commuting between countries for 10 years, she and her husband moved to Spokane, Washington, in 2010 so Krystii could be closer to her subjects, galleries and museum exhibitions. Wildlife, horses, cowboys, and Native Americans have been the focus of her realistic oil paintings. In recent years, Krystii began to explore abstract art which opened her imagination to modern concepts and a wider range of expressive ideas. Now the abstracts have begun to work their way into her realism paintings as backgrounds, sometimes weaving through and over the animals and people too.

Daniela Pasqualini

    Daniela Pasqualini is an innovative Italian painter based in the United States whose abstract works have been exhibited internationally and are held in private collections worldwide. Since she was a child, Pasqualini has been expressing herself through drawing and sketching, developing a passion for the arts. By breaking down elements of flora and fauna, she transforms her observations of nature onto the canvas, bringing rhythm to splashes of vibrant color and creating texture through form.

Danene Taysom

    The love of light and color is what ultimately drove Danene Taysom to become a professional artist. She states that “Capturing the light is everything. It is always the light that brings out the strongest of emotions in me.” Danene is a professional artist based out of South Eastern Idaho. She creates colorful landscape and still life oil paintings. Her degree in Interior Design from Brigham Young University of Idaho helps Danene incorporate depth and vitality to her paintings. She has won numerous awards, and has exhibited her work each year in distinguished art shows. Danene’s paintings reside in both corporate offices and private collections throughout the Western States. She also enjoys teaching art classes in her studio and providing painting workshops through out the year.

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