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Jason Millward

Jason’s abilty to capture movement in his abstract carvings as well as classical figurative work provides a wide range of styles in multiple mediums from bronze to stone.  Collectors and clients alike can find the perfect sculpture for their set with attention to detail and design.

Jason Millward

Born and raised in Utah, Jason P. Millward began an early love for sculpting and appreciation for the arts, especially traditional styles of European academia. In the early nineties, he had an opportunity to spend time living in France surrounded by magnificent works of art and public sculpture where he gained a stronger desire to master classical art. After a decade of sculpting public and private commissions, such as the 2002 Winter Olympics, Jason’s quest for traditional knowledge culminated in a return trip to France where he had the unique opportunity to study under master sculptor, Martine Vaugel. Feeling that his informal training had come to a resting point, he turned his focus to formal academic studies through college to broaden his artistic horizons and earned a BFA in sculpting through Utah Valley University. Here he obtained an adjunct professorship teaching 3-D art and solidified his desire to teach full-time. He has taught full-time the last fours years in 3-D and sculpture while obtaining his Master’s degree at Utah State University with an emphasis in stone carving. The last three years Jason had the chance to teach as a lecturer at Utah Valley University. Now he is exploring full-time teaching opportunities and pursuing his art career with galleries and art shows. Jason resides in American Fork, Utah with his wife and two children.

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