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Where To Buy Glass Sculptures In The Scottsdale Area

Glass sculptures are beautiful pieces of art that can be displayed in any home. Many people purchase them for their homes to add a sense of class and elegance. The best place to buy glass sculptures is at the Marshall Gallery, which has been open since 1986. They have an extensive collection ranging from modern, abstract pieces to traditional figurative works. This gallery offers rotating exhibits so you will always see new statues on display! If you love handmade work or want something unique for your home, then go check out the gallery today!

Every year for 20 years, Scottsdale’s The Marshall Gallery of Fine Art has been welcoming art lovers and collectors into their stunning showroom to shop from over 70 world-class artists. And if you’re looking for a favorite gallery in the area, this is it!

Every year since its opening twenty years ago, Scottsdale’s The Marshall Gallery of Fine Art continues inviting patrons to visit their gorgeous showroom where they can buy fine works from more than seventy exceptional artists. Visitors have declared that it remains one of the best galleries around despite being open so long—which shows how much everyone loves shopping there!

The Marshall Gallery of Fine Art is the open and relaxed gallery space you’ve been looking for. The ever-changing collection offers exceptional art, perfect for browsing on your own or with complementary assistance from our expert consultants!

History of Marshall Gallery

Founded in 1998 by the erudite and cultivated attorney DeeAn Gillespie, The Marshall Gallery rapidly became a respected destination on Scottsdale’s Marshall Way – an area renowned for superior contemporary art. Over time, it achieved prominence for its leading contemporary oil painters and sculptors; mostly from Utah – another little-known haven of fine artists.

DeeAn Strub married Peter, who helped her establish a gallery that would reflect the consciousness of art as it separates humanity from other creations. They believed “Beautiful experiences leave lasting impressions and the intensity of art can haunt you in your sleep. True beauty has power – people relate to whether its graphic or formed languages -and requires no interpreter really”.

Some Glass Artists in the gallery:

  • Axiom Glass was Established in 2000. Andrew Madvin out of his studio Axiom Glass based in Detroit, Michigan is known for creating unique art glass pieces that emit a casual tone and message to the world around him through color and design choices.


  • Alexander Fekete reflects on how his love for glass has grown over the years. He explains that he soon realized that all of its qualities fascinated him, including transparency and translucency as well as the vast variety of forms it can take.


  • Ed Branson believes that in order to create beautiful pieces of art, you must trust the glass and have fun. When mistakes happen, study nature or search for colors inherent in its personality. He is a studio artist who uses colored sheets of fused glass as his medium. He has gained much knowledge about this material through experience over time which led him towards creating relaxed works with subtle color gradients throughout them while also including plant-like forms within their designs. Through these techniques, he aims to capture natural beauty where “mistakes” are encouraged so more thought can be given in to what they could bring aesthetically if studied deeper than surface-level details.


  • Scott Hartley’s latest collection is a mesmerizing color with sculptural forms that inspire.


  • Brian Russell is a sculptor who believes that his work should bring about reflection, meditation, and amusement. The artist wants to create objects “that will live harmoniously in their environment,” saying they should be independent functionaries whose purpose is not only to please but also provoke feelings within society’s members. He hopes by creating these sculptures he leaves something behind so future generations may learn more about him and everything surrounding him while gaining a greater appreciation for art itself.
The Marshall Gallery 2
The Marshall Gallery 2

Are You Looking for a Glass Sculpture to Complement Your Home?

The Marshall Gallery, located in Scottsdale’s Historic Arts District, has been the center of contemporary art since its founding in 1998. Boasting a collection of paintings, sculptures, and exquisite glass pieces, the gallery hosts several exhibitions each year plus a biennial glass invitational that attracts top-notch talent. Here you will find exceptional art presented in an open and relaxed gallery space, which is perfect for browsing the ever-changing collection. Explore on your own, or allow our expert art consultants to offer complimentary assistance to find the perfect addition to your own collection. Looking for the perfect piece of art to complement your home’s decor? Visit us in person or browse our online art store!