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What’s The Best Way To Decorate My Home With Art?

Nobody likes to spend their time staring at a blank wall, which is why wall painting is such an important aspect of the decorating process. The rest is easy after you’ve started brainstorming. 

There’s plenty of wall art ideas to inspire your imagination, from gallery walls to DIY pieces like framing your accessories and large-scale photography.

Art can be made out of anything. There’s no official committee deciding what is and isn’t art, particularly when it comes to your own house. Frame a postcard, an idea poster, or a menu from a favorite restaurant, and you’ve got yourself some wall art.

  • Miniatures are just too cute to be held in a dollhouse. For a discreet but cheeky gallery wall in the bedroom, hang some tiny framed paintings.
  • Paint the walls. 
  • Over a window, hang some painting. Hang artwork over a window when you don’t have enough wall space or just want to mask a less-than-ideal view.
  • Focus on animating the surfaces because most hallways and stairwells are too narrow for accent furniture or even smaller decoration pieces.
  • Make the walls into a gallery with your own photos. Get the pictures blown up and then install them on foam core with a spray adhesive.
  • Any space in the house should have paintings. Remember to include the dining room, kitchen, and even the mudroom in your plans.
  • Instead of nails or screws, use picture-hanging hooks. They have the ability to bear a lot of weight (up to 100 pounds for some sizes). It’s best to use two hooks per piece to keep it even.
  • Treat several objects as a single object during the hanging process.
  • Get a picture wall ready ahead of time. Place them in front of the wall on the ground and play about with various arrangements before you find one you like.
  • Lean artwork against a wall in some locations. A piece that sits on a console table or rests against the wall will look quite fashionable. To make an eye-catching package, combine a few pieces.
  • Art should not have to be costly. You may build a gallery wall with family photos or mount cloth or wallpaper. There are now an increasing number of low-cost online galleries to browse.
  • At eye level, the focal point of a single painting or a grouping of works may be. Keep the artwork from being hung too far.
  • Place a little piece in a frame with a big mat if it’s a small piece. Don’t put a little painting on a large wall.
  • Hanging art by yourself is not a good idea. It’s usually best to have at least two people on hand, so one can keep it in place while the other checks the placement.
  • There should be about two inches of space on either foot, below and above (sometimes less). Keep the pieces from being too far away when hanging them.
  • Hang all of the big pieces in one place and all of the small pieces in another. The same can be said for frames that are identical. Mix it up until you’re satisfied with the visual harmony.
The Marshall Gallery 2

By Dru Bloomfield –, CC BY 2.0,

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