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What Should I Consider When Choosing Wall Art For My Bedroom?

Your bedroom is your own personal haven. A space to unwind, rest, and enjoy the finer things in life late at night. That’s why, when redecorating a bedroom, choosing the decor and paint schemes is just as important as choosing the furniture. 

The right shades, furniture accents, and bedroom wall art will make all the difference in your bedroom, whether you want it to feel peaceful, comforting, or serene, or whether you want to add a little more of a quirky or sensual feeling.

Bedroom wall decor is essential for setting or preserving the general atmosphere in the room, which is why you should think about what you’re going to put on the wall before getting out the hammer and nails.

For obvious purposes, the method of selecting art for the bedroom differs significantly from the process of selecting art for every other space in the home.

For starters, how we use a bedroom differs significantly from how we use a dining room, den, kitchen, or home office. Bedrooms are based around events that take place in and around the bed, as the name suggests.

Sleep is the most common occurrence in the bedroom, but it is not the only one. Without going into detail, suffice it to say that what one does in the bedroom and what one does in the kitchen are rarely the same.

Choosing the right bedroom art contributes to the overall atmosphere you want to create in that space. Whether it’s a relaxing refuge to unwind after a busy day, a passion-filled love nest usually reserved for honeymooners, or the quaint and playful innocence of a child’s space, there’s something for everybody.

In most cases, though, art should be chosen with the aim of being aesthetically appealing while still assisting in the relaxation of the mind. As a result, big, bold, and engaging artworks aren’t always appropriate for the bedroom.


Using Bedroom Wall Art to Build the Right Mood

  • Colors, bedroom furniture, linens, and other furniture accents must all be carefully considered when creating a serene oasis in your bedroom.
  • Landscapes, garden scenes, botanical photographs, and ocean views are all traditional art options for a peaceful bedroom. Simple graphic art objects, on the other hand, fit well. These photographs reflect a feeling of peace and relaxation that is often sought in a room devoted to sleeping and relaxing.


Artwork for the Bedroom


  • According to a recent report on the psychology of color in the bedroom, the color you choose for your room may have a significant effect on the overall feel and mood of the space. This holds true with bedroom wall decor as well. 
  • To retain that sense of comfort and relaxation, it’s also a good idea to match your bedroom wall art to the actual colors in your home. Although several different colors and patterns add aesthetic appeal, they can go against the tranquil atmosphere you’re trying to achieve.
  • Bright, playful colors like blue, yellow, pink, and green – especially the bright or main versions – are popular in children’s bedrooms. This makes the room fun and exciting without being so distracting that you have trouble putting the little one to bed each night. 
The Marshall Gallery 2

By Dru Bloomfield –, CC BY 2.0,

Sizes of Bedroom Art


  • Wide size pieces are suitable for hanging in the bedroom, according to experts, and can be hung at eye height, either directly over the bed or on the opposite wall. 
  • Smaller art collections, particularly those of varying colors, shapes, or subject matter, should be held to a bare minimum in the bedroom because they may be too visually stimulating.
  • If you’re going to put together an art collection, keep the number of pieces to a minimum and make sure they all match in style and colour.

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