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What Kind Of Paintings Should Be On My Living Room Walls?

Professionals agree that if you want to decorate your room but aren’t sure how, you focus on a decor piece like a living room painting. Since it is in the living room where you visit your friends and loved ones, assemble with the whole family, and enjoy the holidays, choosing a painting for the living room wall should be viewed with caution.

Without wall art, even the most sleek and attentive interior can seem disjointed. The foundation of the living room is created by a beautiful apartment renovation, luxurious furniture, high-quality textiles, and figurines. Also in the most exquisite interior, if the walls are left bare, you will feel uneasy. So, in addition to furniture and decor, choosing paintings for the living room is crucial for achieving full style balance and harmony.


The Characteristics of Living Room Paintings

You don’t have to be an art historian or an expert on painting to choose the perfect painting for your living room. It’s enough to have a basic sense of taste to determine whether or not a piece of art is appropriate for your room. 

The rest is entirely up to personal taste! You will now find a choice for any theme that will blend in with the rest of the room’s decor.

  • Paintings in the living room need not be screaming. If you have a room with soft cream shades, light plain wallpapers, and matching furniture, hanging a vivid, colored canvas on the wall will annoy and make the room look like a horse of a different hue.
  • The scale of an artwork is crucial. You should buy a big painting for a large space with high ceilings and a spacious, minimalist interior theme. If the space is small and comfortable, or if it has a lot of furniture and details, small pictures in pretty frames are preferable. 
  • In addition, the work of art should be correctly positioned on the wall. It is almost always a coup to hang pictures immediately above the couch on the wall in a living room. However, you can hang it over the fireplace, by the front door, or on some other available wall.
  • The content of the artwork is also crucial. It can elicit highly optimistic feelings, make you happy, and relax your nerves. According to psychologists, the portrait has a significant impact on the psyche and also the wellbeing of the residents, so avoid dark, violent, or unsettling intentions, as well as rugged shades on the canvas.


Types of Paintings for the Interior of a Living Room 

  • In general, any painting can be used to decorate a living room: long and narrow, large in lavish frames, old portraits and trendy posters, motivational posters and world maps, and so on. It all depends on your own tastes and taste. 
  • The simplest method is to figure out what theme your room is in and then look for a portrait in that style. If your interior is traditional, for example, you’ll want a sleek painting in a chic heavy frame with a classic storyline. If you choose minimalism, consider hanging an abstract drawing or a poster with diagrams or inscriptions.


Paintings in a Modular Style 

  • There are multi-part works that are very stunning. Assume you took a large photograph and cut it into sections, which you then hung on the wall above the couch. Such a modular composition seems to be very lovely. The modular image practically stretches the limits of what can be done in terms of architecture. 
  • A modular picture may be made up of a single image separated into pieces or a set of individual images, but they all work together to form a single ensemble and look very nice, like flowers in a bouquet. There are several variations on a modular ensemble, which may have two, three, or even a dozen paintings. In a modern living room, this alternative seems to be the best one.
The Marshall Gallery 2

By Dru Bloomfield –, CC BY 2.0,

Beautifully Framed Paintings

  • A framed canvas has the power to transform even the most opulent and fashionable room. You may hang a painting in a lavish gilded frame in the shape of rich stucco molding in a luxurious living room in classic, baroque, or neoclassic style. Choose a suitable storyline, such as a portrait of a renowned artist or a lovely landscape.
  • The selection of a frame for paintings should be more detailed if the interior is simplified and more recent. It is difficult to frame the painting in a heavy artsy frame here, but it would be naked without one.
  • A plain wooden frame is appropriate for English or Scandinavian styles, whereas a small and light metal frame is appropriate for more contemporary styles such as loft or high-tech. Portraits, scenery, and other artistic forms are often framed.

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