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Tips For Displaying Glass Sculptures In An Office

Owning a sculpture can be an exciting time, but the experience is slightly different from owning other art forms. Not only do sculptures look great on their own or in small clusters, but they also require a little more thought to display them properly so that every angle of your piece looks its best for you and any visitors.

If you are an artist or art enthusiast, you may like to show it off at work or in your office. There is nothing like a beautiful piece of glass sculpture to make the place feel more inspired and creative! With that said, there are some steps you can take to ensure that your sculptures stay safe and do not become damaged. There are some surefire ways to ensure all angles of your sculptural pieces always have optimal visibility while still highlighting each individual work’s strengths. These tips will help protect both your artwork and any visitors who come into contact with it.

1) When deciding where to place a sculpture in your office, you may want to consider the optimal viewing angle.

The easiest way is by finding what eye-level looks best from different parts of the room and placing it there. If doing so obstructs traffic flow while also creating an unappealing view for viewers, then try another spot until you find one that works well with both aesthetics and functionality!

2) Shelves are great locations to hang artwork, such as recessed spaces on walls or within a bookcase.

Side tables in bedrooms and living rooms can also be used since they’re typically out of the way. Lamps on these side tables serve two purposes—lighting the room and lighting your art!

3) A sculpture’s details are displayed best by diffused light sources.

Sculptures should be well-lit by windows that provide natural sunlight, which is the most agreeable type of lighting for artworks.

Of course, as with other works of art, lighting plays a big role in displaying sculptures. Too much light will wash out the details while not enough hides them so they need to be lit up correctly using either artificial or natural illumination from windows and lights respectively depending on each person’s preference. 

However, avoid these situations when possible:

  • Light directly below = Don’t shine a flashlight underneath your face to scare someone. This look is very much like the horror movie style that washes out everything in view.
  • Spotlights = The light will hide all intricate features of artwork in shadows so it’s best not to have one single dramatic light shining on an object/painting, etc…

4) Look for the perfect place to set it up.

These may be smaller sculptures that fit nicely on shelves or tables around your house. However, if you have something larger and want to show off its beauty better then choose some sort of pedestal that will blend into the room without being too obtrusive about itself—meaning not drawing away from any focus put towards your beautiful piece! 

Sculptures should ideally have their own dedicated space where there isn’t too much clutter around it because otherwise, people might miss what’s being showcased right under their noses due to distractions. Usually, museums tend to use several types of lighting to highlight the best features of each piece.

In conclusion, sculptures look their finest if you know what works well with them! The color and design should be reflected in how they’re displayed just as much as a sculptor would when creating a work from scratch. If possible, try visiting art museums or galleries. You’ll see how glass sculptures fit your office in a way that pleases you.

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