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Do you want to know about Desert Canyon Elementary School in Scottsdale AZ? Get the inside scoop on their school and what they offer, as well as information for parents, students, and anyone interested! 

Desert Canyon Elementary is a public elementary school with around 600 students. They are rated 8 out of 10 by Great Schools. Their teachers use Project Based Learning so that your child can have an engaging learning experience while they learn important skills.  

This kind of teaching style is perfect for hands-on learners because it allows them to create something at the end of their project rather than just writing facts down! One student said, “I love how my teacher always has us work together.”

Desert Canyon Elementary School is a public school in Scottsdale, Arizona. The school has been ranked as one of the best schools in the state by Newsweek magazine for five years running. Desert Canyon offers students an excellent education with dedicated teachers and staff who are committed to student success.

The open campus includes two gyms, three playgrounds, six computer labs, four science labs, a library media center that features over 20 computers for research, and access to nearly 30 databases including EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier which provides full-text articles from scholarly journals across all disciplines plus eBooks and many more resources. 

Desert Canyon Elementary School is a wonderful place to be! Students and parents alike love the school. The staff is dedicated, caring, and committed to educating students in an environment that encourages them to learn and grow.

Desert Canyon has been recognized as one of the top schools in Arizona for many years thanks to its commitment not just to academics but also to extracurricular activities such as sports teams, art classes, choir performances, book clubs, etc. This year we have exciting new programs like our STEM Lab where kids can come during lunchtime hours and work with 3D printers or robotics kits. We also have a new after-school enrichment program called C3 (Creativity Culture Creativity) which focuses on arts education including dance, music lessons.

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Desert Canyon Elementary School is a great place for children to learn and thrive. The school’s mission statement is “to provide an excellent education for all children.” Desert Canyon has achieved this goal by offering a wide range of academic courses, enrichment programs, after-school options, and summer camps that help students develop intellectually.

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All of these wonderful elementary schools are located just a short distance from our location at 7106 East Main Street! Stop by for a visit anytime!