Kyle Stuckey

Painter of dramatic light with artistic edges

Kyle Stuckey

Kyle Stuckey (born 1987) began studying art during his high school years by private instruction through Lori Woodward Simons and various workshops, later becoming a member of the Putney Painters where he was able to continue to hone his skills in the presence of some of the greatest artists today, including Richard Schmid and Nancy Guzik.

His work is strongly influenced by his study of historical artists including: John William Waterhouse, William Bouguereau, John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn, and Lawrence Alma-Tadema.  Over the years, he has developed and refined his style, working with oil as an Impressionistic Realism artist. 

He would describe his style this way: “I paint in the way I see my subject matter, trying to mimic the way the human eye sees.  Not everything is in focus at one time.  Regardless of what my subject matter may be, in my paintings I focus on what I find inspiring in that subject.  This way the viewer can see my vision and perhaps share in that experience.  At the same time, I want my paintings to have visual variety in detail and texture by using the full potential of the oils with the variations of texture and transparency.”

He enjoys painting an array of subject matter whether it be landscape, still life, or figurative.  His goal is to accomplish an accurate rendering of the subject’s beauty through form, light, and color.

Artist Statement

I love to see new things and experience new cultures, but it may be even more exciting to be able to share those experiences with my clients and fans though my art.”

My work is a representation of what I see.  Life experiences are a constant; we are always seeing and feeling, from the minor to the extravagant.  Beauty, fear, excitement, love, sadness, and peace are all the things that make life what it is.

When I was young aspiring artist, I would marvel at the abilities of masters like John William Waterhouse, John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn, William Bouguereau, and many more.  I was not only inspired by the way they mastered their technique in controlling value, color, composition, and drawing, but also the ability to tell stories and relay emotion and experiences in their art.

As an artist, I strive to do the same; my passion is to capture that beauty and evoke those human emotions through my art.  I want the viewer to get lost in my work and be able to relate to and feel what it is that I’m saying.  Yes, I do create art for me; I paint the things I paint because I like them and want to paint them, but if I can create a work of art that causes someone to stop and look because they just cannot help themselves, then I have accomplished one of my goals.

My style is impressionistic realism, you could say.  I do want to have an accurate rendering of my subject, but not every detail needs to be there.  Like a well-written book or musical score, it does not need to be filled with every minor detail in order to tell your story.   There is a place for full detail, and there is a place for simplicity and space –just enough information for your audience to understand and feel what you are saying.  It is about the big picture, the artwork as a whole.

My work often uses the full value scale.  I like to have a high contrast of lights and darks, along with accurate vibrant colors and a variety in brushwork, paint texture, and transparency.

I was first drawn to the art world through illustration and figurative artwork.  I loved the idea of being able to tell a whole story in a single image.  And although that is still a passion of mine, the subject matter is somewhat irrelevant – the goal is still to capture the emotions of life experiences and its natural beauty.  If I find beauty or interest in it, and it speaks to me, then I want to paint it.


2017 – Finalist: Oil Painters of America, Eastern Regional Exhibition

2017 –  First Place: OPA Online Showcase Competition (Summer 2017)

2017 –  Second Place: OPA Online Showcase Competition (Spring 2017)

2017 – Finalist: Oil Painters of America, 26th Annual National  Exhibition 


2017 – Certificate of Excellence:  Portrait Society of America, 19th Annual International Portrait Competition

2017 – Finalist: Richeson 75 International Art Competition, Still Life and Floral

2015/2016 – Best Floral in the Feb/Mar, Plain Air Salon Competition 

2015/2016 – Best Floral in the December/January, Plain Air Salon Competition 

2013/2014 – Finalist: International Art Renewal Center Salon,

2014 – Junius Allen Memorial Award through the Salmagundi Club’s Junior Artist &   

             Scholarship Members’ Award in NYC

2014 – First Place award in oil category: Art in the Park, Keene, NH

2013 – Finalist: The Artist’s Magazine Cover Competition

2013 – Acceptance into NYC’s Salmagundi Club,

2011/2012 – Finalist in International Art Renewal Center Salon

2011 – Top 10 Finalist: American Artist Cover Competition

2010 – Best of Show Award: Bold Brush Competition

2009 – Second Place award: Southwest Art Magazine:  “21 Under 31” Competition

2006 – Scholarship: Scottsdale Artists School

Collection & Exhibits

SOFA Chicago & SOFA New York
Crafts America & Craft Boston Shows
National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia
Provena Medical Centers in Urbana and Danville, IL