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Christy Stallop

Christy’s primary focus is creating work that delights and elevates the mood of the viewer.

Christy Stallop

From: El Paso, Texas | Medium: Oil on cradled board

Artist Christy Stallop lives in Austin, Texas. Born and raised in El Paso, her work is greatly influenced by the West. Her subjects range from local landscapes to whimsical grackle birds that border on the absurd. Her work is influenced by design and balance and her perspectives often shift into unique directions. Christy’s primary focus is to create work that delights and elevates the mood of the viewer.

Texas born artist Christy Stallop was raised in sunny El Paso. Her charming work displays the unmistakable and, for her, inescapable influences of the Great American West.

Christy’s subjects range from the local landscapes that grace her surroundings to whimsical grackle birds, into which she instils a playfulness that, she admits with a wry smile, may border on the absurd.

Christy Stallop’s educational influences gave rise to her penchant for quirky design and balance that often shift her perspectives into unique directions. Christy enjoys creating work that will delight the viewer. Indeed, she derives great satisfaction from elevating people’s mood with her creations.


  • 2021 Southwest Art Magazine Artistic Excellence Competition top 100.

  • 2021 Western Gallery New Western Talent – Top 10 award

  • 2021 Western Gallery In Rainbows Exhibition- Public Choice Award – Runner Up.

  • 2020 Mini Mural District 6, Austin, TX

  • 2019 TEMPO 2019 “Ganador”

  • 2018 Capitol Metro Electrical Box

Collection & Exhibits

  • 2022  Sept.  Group Exhibition,  Animalia –  Abend Gallery, Denver, CO

  • 2022 October  Mini Solo Exhibition, Abend Gallery, Denver, CO

  • 2022 October,  Group Exhibition,  Marshall Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ

  • 2022 Dec. Group Exhibition, Abend Gallery, 31st Annual Miniatures Show, Denver, CO

  • 2023 Jan.  Group Exhibition, L.A. Art Fair, Abend Gallery, Denver, CO

  • 2023 Summer,  Mini Solo, Commerce Gallery, Lockhart, TX

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