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AMAZING artist Sándor is enigmatic in his origins. As best we can determine, he is from somewhere between “here” and “there.” He certainly is multicultural and speaks several languages. However, his parents were to all intents and purposes diplomatic nomads. As a boy and youth, he lived in 17 different countries, and he admits to speaking no language perfectly. What an odd situation in which to find oneself.


Artist Statement

Meanwhile, it became apparent that he was naturally gifted at drawing. By early youth, Sándor discovered that he could make people happy with his blossoming draftsmanship. At school, he doodled on everything, including the classroom blackboards. He often was sent out of the room to cool his artistic heels by the putatively envious teachers. It was at school, however, that he learned the fundamentals of composition, perspective, and color theory.That circumstance notwithstanding, Sándor is prodigious and prolific in his artistic talents. In early childhood, he drew caricatures on his parents’ walls – what otherwise might have been an annoyance was ameliorated by the fact that they were very good caricatures, so his parents encouraged him in his artistic expression and the walls just had to put up with it.

At 16, Sándor was enamored of early Renaissance religious art which is, as we know, Biblical in subject matter. He entered some of his interpretations of the Masters in a group art show. At that time living in a Moslem country, the judges did not appreciate his iconography… nor him! But he perfected his draftsmanship during this phase of his development. By age 17, he was commissioned regularly to paint huge murals in a certain middle-eastern country that one need not mention here.

Sándor worked and studied in Greece, Italy and France before finding his way to the United States, where he has been quite successful with contemporary genres. Like many artists new to these shores, Sándor quickly developed a love for Native American people and the West. These are the objects of his muse, which he portrays with characteristic mastery and subtle sensitivity.

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