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Nic McGuire


Nic McGuire

From: San Diego | Medium: Blown glass

Since I was a kid I wanted to be an artist.  The act of conveying the world as I saw it intrigued my senses.  I continued to cultivate these new found skills and build upon them with new techniques as I as taught throughout my tie in school. In college I had my first experience with hot glass….mesmerized by the immense heat and energy it took to maintain the molton glass, it caught my attention  The Pilchuck School introduced med to the international glass community which I am a part of now.  I graduated with a BA in Visual Arts from UC San Diego in 2004.

My work incorporates complex Italian Venetian pattern techniques with my own color palettes to produce the current series.  I currently use a skilled team of glassblowers to work together as a well-choreographed and seamless group.

Currently produing new artwork at Glashaus Studios in the arts district of San Diego called Barrio Logan.  My goal is to make original glass sculptures of the highest quality.

Nic McGuire

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