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Kathy Jones

An abstract figurative painter who uses rich and exotic colors, depicting moments and pauses in time, ‘snapshots’ taken between the subject’s actions

Kathy Jones

From: San Francisco | Medium: Painting & drawing

I was born in San Francisco and educated at Stanford University. My work is greatly influenced by my experience as a Californian, and by the affinity I feel for the Bay Area Figurative painters. My paintings are about silence, solitude, space, and shadows—about the moments between actions. I paint people waiting, or gazing, or pausing, or moving from one place to another.

“The surface of the painting is as important to me as the image. I am always experimenting with surfaces and textures. I explore color relationships and the unexpected juxtapositions that happen while painting: the surface of the painting and layers of paint must be rich and exotic, the colors luminous and mysterious. I pull colors up– push them one against the other and look for places where the colors make the most of each other.

“I never know where a painting will end up. The backgrounds and moods emerge and change as the work progresses. My goal is to create paintings that are challenging and provocative. My hope is that people who see my work are moved to bring their own history to the painting and to tell their own stories.



Art teacher, Cairo American School, Cairo, Egypt
Art teacher, Laguna Beach School of Art and Design
Art teacher, El Dorado School, Orange, CA
Vice Chancellor, University of California at Irvine
Vice President, Georgetown University

Collection & Exhibits

Washington Studio School and Courtyard Gallery, 1996-1999
Laguna Plein Air Painters Group Show, 1999
Laguna Beach Festival of Arts, 2000-Present
McClean Gallery, Malibu, CA 2003-2005
Eos Gallery, Redlands, CA 2005-2006
Los Angeles County Museum of Art Rental/Sales Gallery, 2003-2011
Sarah Bain Gallery, Brea, CA 2001-2011
Patricia Rovzar Gallery, Seattle, WA 2007-present
Sue Greenwood Fine Art, Laguna Beach, CA 2012-present

Kathy Jones