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Jennifer Rasmusson

“Painting is a conversation.”

Jennifer Rasmusson

From: Utah | Medium: Mixed-Media Paintings

I may have an idea of what I want to say but there is a process of give and take between myself and the marks on the canvas… there are always unexpected turns.

My textural, painterly works examine  ever-changing relationship in life.

I work on a body of five or more paintings at a time.

Working on these paintings together I begin with quick layers of acrylic paint, allowing me to build up texture.  These first layers always show through somewhere in the finished work. They are where the conversation begins. 

Next I draw with charcoal, oil pastel or pastel, these marks will not be the final drawing, there are many times during the work to draw again. Drawing is coming to shape conclusions.

My favorite part is oil paint. The rich creamy texture and luminous color begin to tell the real story. The canvas and I understand each other and are better for the conversation we have had.

Artist Statement

I see abstraction everywhere, interpreting the word around me by its shadowy depths, shapes and contours that hide in plain sight in my everyday environment. I find that shapes have their own presence; they push the space around them as they interact with each other.  Therefore the nature of my painting is always fluid, rushing forward and gathering influences form the world around me. I survey these swirling currents to capture elements for my work. During my painting process, shapes and colors make connections.

I draw some lines slowly and thoughtfully, others with a quick movement capturing the speed and weight of my hand as I hold the charcoal, pastel, or brush. Drawing is not something that just happens in my hand or wrist. It is a process that happens in my mind as I respond to what I see in my environment, and reveals itself when I pick up a brush loaded with paint. I feel the weight of the brush, anticipating what marks will be made as I pour paint on the canvas and move it around with a trowel, as gravity works alongside me pulling the paint down into drips.

I am reaching for Notan, a design that embraces light and dark, in this work I have given a stronger voice to the quiet simple spaces, I find refuge in those spaces that allow my eyes to rest and my mind to clear. There is space for a small memory to come forward maybe a shadow from my travels.

Art Reviews

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Collection & Exhibits

  • Nordstrom’s, City Creek, Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah

  • Fairview Museum of Art, Fairview, Utah

  • Gastronomy Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Salt Lake International Airport, Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Howa Construction, Salt Lake City, Utah

  • ATK Thiokol, Utah

  • Private Collections, Nationally

  • 2018 Solo Show, New Abstracts, A Gallery Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 2018 Solo Show,  Figures and Abstracts, Artworks, Cedar City Utah, 

  • 2011 The Color of Consciousness, DSC Sears Museum Gallery, St George, Utah

  • 2010 Walking Feet, Jackson Hole Art Association, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

  • 2009 Exchange, Solo Show, A Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah      

  • 2007 Rose Wagner Art Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah

  • 2005 Solo Show, A Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah

  • 2004 Gastronomy Inc. Pillar, Salt Lake City, Utah

  • 2001 Building Abstraction, Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah

  • 1998 Artworks Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah

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