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Anthony Ackrill

“Translucent, fragile, fluid yet hard, free blown Glass and its magical depths became my creative friends and explorer over a decade ago. Over this time span, transparency, translucency, bottomless variety of form and unyielding nature of Glass gained my affection permanently. Maybe that’s why I allow Glass to retain its “creative license” to complete my ideas.”

Anthony Ackrill

From: Florida | Medium: Oil on Linen

Anthony Ackrill trained at the Florence Academy of Art for five years and then became an instructor there. He taught anatomy, figure painting and drawing before returning to America. His figure paintings are realistic and literal and the life models would be recognizable from the paintings.

Ackrill’s dramatic works are oil on linen and large in scale.  They are sometimes narrative in nature, implying a story or giving just enough information to allow the viewer to create his or her own.  Ackrill often uses earth tones although he occasionally chooses to expand his palette.  He prefers a careful and refined approach as opposed to a bold or flashy style of painting.  Widely collected, Ackrill has exhibited in solo and group shows in the USA as well as Europe, and now his works are available from a Scottsdale art gallery – The Marshall Gallery of Fine Art.

Anthony Ackrill

Artist Statement

“My formal education as a painter began at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. I studied there for five years and was also an instructor for four of those years, teaching anatomy, drawing and painting . The focus of the curriculum was a strict academic approach to painting and drawing based largely on the principles of art as taught in the painting academies of Europe in the 19th century. In this system, the pupil studies with a master until the student has become a master as well. Often the pupil then becomes a teacher, passing on a continuous body of knowledge, generation after generation, always with a strict adherence to observing nature and painting directly from life while focusing on the human figure.

In my case, the instructors at my school are at the end of an unbroken chain of master/pupil relationships spanning generations and centuries, which includes the 19th century master painters Gerome, Delaroche, Gros, David, and Ingres, each who successively taught the next.

Since leaving Italy, I have lived and worked in Gainesville, Florida, producing the paintings which you see here and selling them primarily through galleries and exhibitions in America and Europe. All of the pictures were created with a traditional approach to the craft of painting, in that they were all painted from life, with careful observations of nature and requiring a live model to pose in the studio. These pictures consistently reveal what inspires me most — light, nature, water and humans.”


Jurors Choice Award, Thomas Center Regional Juried Exhibition, Gainesville, FL, 2004

Florida State Fellowship for Artists Grant, 200


Appleton Museum of Art, collection, Ocala, Florida

Orlando Museum of Art, Florida, 1995