Jordan Abernethy

“I’d like people to come away with adoration and reverence for the animals. I want folks to experience the majesty of the natural world and their kinship to it. If people can see lasting, iconic images in their minds inspired by my work, I’ve done my job properly.”

Jordan Abernethy

From: Arizona | Medium: Bronze sculpture

From his youth, Jordan Abernethy had a driven passion as a concept artist. Formally, his focus was 2D mediums. However, recently he returned to his obsession with sculpture. He viewed his previous work as merely blueprints for sculpting.

In April 2011, he had the opportunity to attend a workshop with renowned wildlife sculptor, Ken Rowe. It was there he learned the technical skills of building armature that would support his works of art and begin his career as a sculptor.

His stylized artistic flare captures the definition of realism. Preferring animals and the human form; he idealizes his subjects by striving to bring life to his sculptures. He is fascinated by the skeleton and skeletal muscle of both wildlife and the human body. He has dedicated his life to studying and researching anatomy in order to capture the genuine structure of his subjects.

He has been influenced by artists both past and present. He admires Leonardo De Vinci and Michelangelo for their exhausting attention to anatomy and detail. The modern artist, Frank Frazetta, was significant for his subject matter, movement and expressions within his compositions. Moving forward, Jordan intends to continue sculpting subjects both real and mythological.

Jordan Abernethy

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