Michelle Courier

“I want to catch these images while they are fresh in my mind, to get the color correct, to relive the Merced River or feel Lake Tahoe for awhile,” Courier says.

Michelle Courier

Michelle considers herself a realist, impressionist and a contemporary artist with a hint of traditional. She creates visible burst strokes and textures that allow two different ways to enjoy her paintings. Up close her paintings are very impressionistic, but from a distance of twenty feet the viewer feels he is looking at a photograph.

The feeling of place is what Michelle is most interested in communicating through her work. “The words that I long to hear when someone is viewing my painting is, “I’ve been there,”, Michelle says. “I want the painting to give a feeling of familiarity and to not only see the landscape painting before them but to “feel” it.”

Michelle now has relocated from her home state of Michigan to Denver, where she opened Westward, because of her love of the West. The studio in which she creates her work is inside of the gallery and Michelle greets everyone who comes into the gallery. “Owning Westward Gallery has been the most enriching experience of my life and I hope to be in Colorado for many more years.”

Michelle also has representation in many other galleries across the US including Emanate Gallery in South Lake Tahoe, Art Obsessions in Truckee, CA, Blue Stone in Tahoe City, Truckee, CA, Freed Gallery in Lincoln City, OR, Montana Trails,Bozeman, MT, The Marshall Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ C2C Gallery in Grand Haven, MI, Northwood Gallery, Midland, MI,

One of the world’s renowned artists, Michelle graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Michelle has work in private and corporate collections around the world including, Chevron Corporation Headquarters ( Houston, TX ), Dow Corning ( Midland, MI ), Hong Kong Bank of China ( HSBC ), Well Fargo Headquarters ( San Fransisco, CA ), Upjohn Pharmaceuticals ( Kalamazoo, MI ), Delta College ( Saginaw, MI ), Dominos Farms Headquarters ( Ann Arbor, MI ), Mid Michigan Medical Center ( Midland, MI ), Signature Health ( Boston, MA ), Kaiser Permanente ( Denver, CO )

Michelle Courier Bio Pic - Michelle Courier

Artist Statement

“Sketching initiates the hands-on process. The essence of form is created on the pipe by free blowing and shaping. The hot shop stage exploration is direct. Mishaps end up back in the furnace. At times frustrating, but often pointing to a new direction or return to sketching. In the cold shop, cutting exposes the sought after curves, grinding and sanding fine-tunes the details. Surface carving and sandblasting provide the texture. Sandblasted is the preferred finish as it allows a better grasp of lines and forms. Polishing is used sparingly. When employed, it enables the objects to morph better with the surrounding space or to highlight volumes within. Some work requires assembly, inclusion of laminated glass, steel elements or iron oxide coating.Pebbles and river stones are shaped by nature and frequently turn into focal points. In a broad sense – forming, shaping, abrasion and polishing of pebbles by elements mirrors what happens at the studio. This however does not constitute the reason for their inclusion. Departing from glassblowing tradition, the substantial walls and asymmetrical shapes are the consequence of sculptural pursuit predating glass engagement, that of free-flowing and minimal forms. The focus on Form has left some unique qualities associated with glass, brilliant colors especially, beyond the horizons of interest. Attention to visually refined detail is critical, both for the piece created and as jump off point for the future work. Glass is an active co-author all along. Strictly imposing my will rarely delivered.”



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